Friday, November 6, 2015

Miracles are Flowing 11.2.2015

Hey hey! It's been another wonderful week here in Dallas! The miracles were flowing once again! Let me share some of them with you nice folks.

Tuesday morning, we thought we had a fairly empty day ahead of us, but the inspiration started flowing.
  •  First, someone had given us some baby formula and asked us to donate it at the food bank we serve at. Well, a less-active's name popped into our heads because she has a 5 month baby and they are definitely short on money and means. So we brought it over, and she was so grateful. I'm definitely not taking credit for it; I'm just grateful I was in the right place with the Spirit with me to be able to serve. 
  • Then later, a member of our bishopric called and asked if we could go visit another less-active, TA, whose mom from SLC had called asking for someone from the ward to see her. She has been through some rough couple of months - having a baby, having her husband leave her, being essentially stuck in Dallas because of it, etc... But it turned into a really good visit. We talked about things that make us happy, and talked about Jesus Christ. She came to church this week and really loved it!
  • We saw CH and her daughters again! We shared the plan of salvation. They loved it! CH loves the doctrine of the spirit world. They are seriously an incredible family.
  • We finished the night up by meeting with a 17 year old recent convert that just moved from the other side of Dallas. Her father had been dating a member, and she got baptized, but then her dad and the lady broke up, and they moved over here to Garland. She is incredible though! She has a huge testimony. She had just popped up on our list of members, so we gave her a call and were able to visit. So good.
Wednesday we had missionary leadership council. SUCH a good meeting. Probably my favorite, actually. We discussed "consecrated communication" which in essence just means focusing all of our conversations and interactions on Jesus Christ and helping people progress to their next ordinance. So good. Then we had our dinner appointment. I was TERRIFIED to go to it because the last visit we had with this family went terribly horrible. (back in august or so...) But, I put on my big girl smile and it ended up being alright! We had a good dinner and good conversation. Whew. I was so nervous, but Heavenly Father was good to us. :)

We saw CH again later in the week at the Gruwell's. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wow, such a good lesson. CH's oldest daughter, HA, was there as well. We shared the Mormon Message "Reclaimed." We were all really touched by the video, and CH just expressed her appreciation again and again of the hope that the gospel has brought to her already. Our only obstacle with her is that she works on Sundays. But we're praying that she'll be able to switch shifts or find another job. 

Saturday: Halloween. Basically, it was an awesome day! One of my investigators from McKinney, BR got baptized. We were working with her starting in May, so I'm glad it finally happened! She is adorable and is was SO good to see my McKinney people. LOVE. Then we zipped back down to this area for the BA girls baptisms. They are incredible. The baptismal service was SO good. Just simple and powerful. There was a really good turn out. JA and RO both bore their testimonies. RO testified of God's love and that everything happens for a reason and that she is so grateful for her family. JA said that she knows that God lives and that the Book of Mormon is His word. CH and two of her daughters were there, and they LOVED the baptism. It was such a good service. Then we went to the ward party, where we bumped into a less-active whose mother we had met back in September. It was awesome! Then we had a nice little zone party where we played volleyball.

It really has been a good week. We've been trying to really bear testimony of the Savior in all that we do. It has made a difference, for sure! 

I love y'all! I know that this church is so true! I am so grateful for the hope and for the peace and perspective that the gospel brings to us. I know that Jesus Christ lives!

Love ya!
Sister Gilbert

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