Friday, October 30, 2015

A Drizzly Week - 10.26.2015

Hello hello!
It's definitely been a bit of a rainy week this week, but it's fun to break out the scarves and boots. Also, my companion has been under the weather, but we still had some really good lessons!

There is a sister who has a friend named CH with 3 teenage daughters. CH was really touched by Zoe's story and reached out to this sister knowing that she was a member of the church. It turned into a beautiful referral, and we were able to teach CH  and 2 of her daughters (CO and CL) the Restoration using the pamphlet. When we showed the picture of Joseph Smith receiving the priesthood, she made the connection herself and said, "Oh! It's Jesus Christ's apostles giving Joseph the same authority! That just gave me the goosebumps!" I just about fell out of my chair because I was so excited that she made the connection herself. It was an incredible lesson and we set a baptismal date with CH and CO when we saw them again later in the week.

We were able to see the BA family in our ward. The Hermanas had been teaching the mom and daughters because they speak spanish, but we are starting the transition over. The girls, JA and RO will be getting baptized on November 1. They are awesome! The lesson was about testimony, and I am so grateful for testimonies! I know that they can be a strength to us during all times of our lives. Anyway, the family is wonderful and they were all at church. They are a great contribution to the ward.

We got a new ward mission leader in the Garland 1st ward, and we had an incredible meeting with our Bishop and one of his counselors, the ward mission leader, and two prospective missionaries. We showed them how to use the online progress record. In the middle of the meeting, we got a call from a ward mission leader in a different area giving us a referral for a lady who is very interested in the church! We stopped by and set up an appointment for this week. The referral miracles are flowing!

Also, a member just texted us this morning letting us know that they are ready for their foster daughter to start taking the lessons! WOO! If all of these wonderful investigators follow through, we will be able to double the size of the young women's group in the Lake Highlands ward.

I had time this week to go back and read through some of my old journal entries. It was incredible to read through my experiences and realize the progress that I've made. Sometimes it's hard to see the changes in ourselves because they are gradual, but going back and reading my journal really opened my eyes to the growth that I've had. I'm not perfect, and I certainly have a long way to go, but I am grateful for improvement and progression.

Some insights from church: Service. One way to offer service is to notice that someone is struggling, ask what is wrong, give them a huge, and offer a prayer for them. Submitting our will to God's is one of the last stages in our spiritual development. We submit our will to God's as we develop trust in Him, trusting that what he has in store for us is better than our own plan for ourselves.

I love y'all! Thanks for your love and support.

Sister Gretchen Gilbert

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