Monday, November 16, 2015

Go Ye Now In Peace 11.16.2015

Hey hey! A good week. :)

I was able to go on exchanges back up in Allen this week. The bike life! Whew. I was super sore the next day, but it felt good to ride and contact people. I was grateful to be with Sister Byers. She is from Hastings, New Zealand and is lovely! 

Also, on Saturday, ST got baptized! Sister Durrant and I had taught him back in July and August. His girlfriend, DE is a member. Just as a refresher, on our first week together, DE texted us and asked if we could teach her boyfriend the lessons. ST had asked DE what she wanted for her birthday, and all she told him was for him to take the lessons. So he did. And he ended up loving them. He starting reading the book of mormon and doctrine and covenants BEFORE we had started teaching. He really is just an honest seeker of truth. So good. So anyways, we taught him for about a transfer, then we transitioned him up to the Frisco elders where he lives. So in the meantime, DE got her mission call to the Utah Orem Mission. She leaves on Wednesday, November 18. We got an exciting text from her this week that ST was going to get baptized! Yay! So we got to go up to Frisco for ST's baptism. It was wonderful. He bore his testimony that he knows the Book of Mormon is true, that the church is true, and that we really do have a prophet. He is an incredible person, and I'm so excited for his life in the gospel. Plus, DE is going to do amazing!

Lots of people ended up canceling on us this week, but it was okay. We were able to help out a bunch of ladies from the ward doing simple service and just boosting the morale. 

The District

Sunday night was great as well. We had another mission president fireside. The Sisters in charge of it, Sister Greenall and Sister Weichers, had a great idea to have a bunch of the sisters sing "Come Unto Christ." It was a lovely time. Cool thing, about 15 months ago at a fireside similar to the mission president fireside that we had just organized ourselves, the missionaries in my zone sang "Come Unto Christ." It was a nice tie-in to the beginning of my mission.

 This week I've been thinking a lot about the peace that the Savior can offer us. The words to a song "Go Ye Now In Peace" have kept playing through my head. 

Go ye now in peace
And know that the love of God will guide you.
Feel His presence here beside you
Showing you the way.

In your time of trouble,
When hurt and despair are there to grieve you,
Know that the Lord will never leave you.
He will bring you courage.

Know that the God who sent His Son
To die that you might live
Will never leave you lost and alone
In His beloved world.

Go ye now in peace.

I know that God lives. I know that love is one of the most powerful forces in the world, especially the love of Jesus Christ. I love you!

Sister Gretchen Gilbert

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