Monday, November 23, 2015


Hey there!

Another week has come and gone! They are just flying by at this point! It's crazy. Today marks the end of another transfer! Sister Howell and I are staying together for my last transfer (it's crazy to say that). We are glad!

A brief sum-up

We had a great lesson with BE. I've definitely gained a testimony of bringing the RIGHT member to lessons. We had a wonderful discussion about the sacrament. That's one thing I've really gained an appreciation of - the sacrament. It's such a wonderful opportunity to reflect and recommit.

We had zone conferences this week. It was wonderful! Slight drama on the way there....I got pulled over. BUT I got away without a warning, so I'm grateful for that. Let's just say that driving in an area you're unfamiliar with, in heavy traffic, trying to follow the gps often leads to speeding in a school zone. WHEW.

Then on Wednesday we had a great service opportunity helping the Salvation Army package snacks and treats for prisoners. It was so fun! They had a brass band playing Christmas music - just a fun, holiday deal.

Most of the week was spent just going around sharing thanksgiving messages with people!

Yesterday we had Stake Conference. Before the meeting, I was greeting people. I said good morning to a tall gentleman with white hair. He said, "Hello Sisters" I introduced myself, and he did like wise. Turns out it was Elder Steven Snow, our presiding general authority! I had a strong impression before stake conference to talk to a couple in our ward. We chatted with them for a minute, and I asked if we could come by later that evening to share a thanksgiving message. Brother BA agreed, but his wife was hesitant. They finally agreed, so we set the time. That evening we went over and shared "In the Spirit of Thanksgiving" and ended up having a great discussion about that. Sister BA was working on a paper for her sign language class, and Sister Howell was able to give her some help and suggestions because she knows ASL as well. At the end, Sister Barrus expressed her gratitude for us coming over. I was grateful I followed the prompting.

The meeting was great. A young woman spoke about "mastering the art of sharing" in regards to doing missionary work. Making family a priority was also stressed. I'll share a few more highlights:

  • We can do small acts of kindness for the people within our sphere of influence. Our sphere is often bigger than we think it is.
  • The most clear indication of our personal progression and conversion is how we treat other people.
  • Jesus Christ is our Rescuer, our Redeemer.
  • This is the plan of happiness. We're right in the middle of it. Are you happy?
  • The gospel binds us together.

I love all of you! Have a beautiful week!

Sister Gilbert


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