Monday, October 19, 2015


Holy cow,

This week has been such a crazy week. Despite the tragedy of our Bishop's daughter passing, I've felt the strength and love that comes from the gospel.

I have a new companion, Sister Howell. She's from Washington and is fresh from the MTC. I'm grateful to be with her! :)

Here are a few miracles from the week!

While tracting, we met a lady who had just come from a Bible study about the family. So we ended up reading the Proclamation with her. She wasn't super interested in meeting with us more, but we had a great conversation with her.

Thursday there was a canvassing event to spread the word about the Bishop's daughter. We were in a group with a lady named CA whose son went to school with the daughter. We had a really good conversation with her with her about the church.

The funeral for our Bishop's daughter was really nice. Zoe was such an amazing person; the funeral was uplifting. President and Sister Taylor were there. Zoe's dad spoke about living like Zoe, and just finding joy and hope in our lives. I am so grateful for the example that she set in just a few interactions that I had with her.

Another miracle: on Saturday, we were trying to find a less-active who wasn't home and we walked past a door with a big sun on it. As we walked past, Sister Howell said, "we need to go back." so we did, and it ended up being a referral to send to the spanish elders! So good.

Sister Howell and I had the opportunity to speak on Sunday, so that was pretty hard. But President came to that as well. It's been a blessing to be with them.

Last night was the mission president's fireside. An elder sang a song called Oh Lord My Redeemer. The lyrics really touched me. "Oh Lord, my Redeemer, Thou has done so much for me. Oh Lord, my Redeemer, all my life I'll give to thee." I am so grateful for Jesus Christ.

I can testify that we're all here just walking each other home. I'm so grateful for the gospel plan that we have.

Love you!
Sister Gilbert

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