Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Another week! Wow. This was a pretty good one!

AS got baptized! She is such an incredible person! Last Monday, we talked about the holidays verses holy days and keeping the Sabbath day holy. It's amazing to see her progression in the gospel! Her testimony is burning bright. Then on Wednesday we saw her again and talked all about the temple. She is so accepting and has felt the spirt testify that these truths are true. Her baptism was last night and it was beautiful! There was a great turn-out from the ward and the spirit was strong! Her non-member grandma, aunt and uncle, step-father, and sister were all there. It was a great baptism! I was super chill and not stressed, so that was definitely a huge blessing! I love her and I'm excited for her bright future.

Wednesday was a super day. We saw ME and talked about fasting. It was great because she was actually fasting that day for answers. (Side note: her parents both spoke in sacrament about service. They spoke about developing a servant's heart. It was a general authority status talk! She did awesome. And he said something that just really struck me: "The way we put off the natural man, our pride, selfishess, all of our vices, is to serve. To look beyond ourselves and just increase our ability to love.") Then we had lunch with sweet BE. After a quick trip to the mission office to get an updated phone, we zipped back to the church to meet CA that was on our list. Cool story, we were just calling through a big list of people, and she answered and agreed to meet with us at the church. After talking and visiting with her, she told us that she's been off and on with the church her whole life, but lately everything has been falling apart. Her father told her if you get back to church and prioritize God, everything will work out. The NEXT day is when we called her! Whoa! Definitely inspiration. Another tender mercy was that the relief society president walked into the relief society room in the middle of the lesson so she was able to meet CA. Heavenly Father's planning  for us is incredible. After another lesson later in the day, we were driving away from the church and Brother Peterson was behind us. He motioned for us to call him, so we did and we ended up having a 5 minute coordination in the McDonalds parking lot. Definitely a fun happenstance. Oh! and one of the highlights of the night was getting to watch our dear friend DE open her mission call! She is going to my mission - Utah Orem! I was super excited for her. Still am. :)

Thursday we had zone meeting in a mansion. But really. Our stake president has a really nice house, so we sat in nice recliners in his theater  room and had zone meeting which consisted of Conference jeopardy and a great training from President Larsen. He said, "Sometimes we think that being great is for other people. But it's for us. The power and divinity is already within us." Love.

I had a great exchange with Sister Clayton. She is new to the mission and has a great fire for the work! We had a very fun day running around Garland and Dallas. She is so sweet! Lots of laughs that's for sure. That evening we were able to see Krystal. It was a great lesson! We watched "If you love me, keep my commandments" by Sister Stephens. She loved it. When we talked about trusting prophets, we asked her if she had had the opportunity to pray about  Thomas S Monson. She told us that she believes there is a prophet on the earth today! Awesome! We saw BE again. (I don't know what to call her.) At the end of the lesson, her daughter called out to a lady who was walking by to tell her that we were all having a Jesus lesson. Well, the lady ended up walking over and prayed with us and we got her information! Love when members do the contacting!

Well, transfer calls came this morning and Sister Greenall is leaving! I can hardly believe it! She was only here for one transfer! Wow. We definitely had ups and downs this transfer, but I love her with my heart! I am thankful for the memories that we made.

I love this gospel! I know that as we embrace it's teachings with our WHOLE hearts, we will find great happiness and peace. I know that the Savior is there for us, waiting to heal us and bind up our broken hearts. I love Jesus Christ and I know that He lives!

Love you!
Sister Gretchen Julie Gilbert

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