Friday, June 5, 2015

A Week of Miracles and LOTS of Rain! 6.1.2015

Hey there! It's been another week of miracles and of LOTS of rain!
Here are some highlights from the week:
  • iPad training meeting on Wednesday. We were very blessed to have Elder Brent H. Nielson of the quorum of the 70 come to visit us along with Brother Kelly Mills. Elder Nielson gave the "Waiting for the Prodigal" talk at general conference. It was wonderful to spend the morning with them! After a 4 hour training, we ate bagels and fruit, and put on t-shirts, basketball shorts, and tennis shoes. Then we did a 5k as a mission! It was awesome! We called it, "One Mighty Run." It was hot, I got blisters on my meet, but it was great! It's always such a pleasure to see all the missionaries. I love this mission! We finished the day up with a mission bbq. Can I just say how much I love Texas, especially the Texas Dallas Mission?!
  • Wonderful lesson with ST once again! She was worried about how she would fit into the church as a single, older woman. She's so wonderful! She said, "I'm not looking for conversion.....but........" then just kind of gave of this smile and look that just said, "But I'm highly considering it!" Love her. :) She came to church on Sunday, stayed all 3 hours, participated fully in gospel principles, and just LOVED it. The ward just attached right to her. Love her! Can't wait to see how things progress with her. :)
  • This week we have been doing a service scavenger hunt! We were able to get in with a less-active family. We vacuumed their car, then shared a scripture. The kids were so happy that we came. Another miracle from this: We went to go do service for some members, but they weren't home, however, their across the street neighbor was outside about to mow the lawn. We asked if we could mow for her. She said no, but we finally got her to hesitantly agree. I mowed the lawn and Sister Weichers just chatted with her. She had actually recently been to Salt Lake and toured a bunch of the church sites. We shared a Book of Mormon scripture with her (Alma 7:11-12) and prayed with her. She wouldn't accept a return appointment, but she definitely accepted a Book of Mormon saying, "I'm going to read this book this summer." Love it!
  • We had a great lesson with BE and FL. I love them! I am proud of them. :)
  • There was a farewell and homecoming in one of our wards. It made me so grateful to be here on my mission! I love serving and I love helping people come unto Christ. It's the best job!
Here's a cool insight I learned from Elder Nielson: 
Agency has to be given to you. God gave it to us to act on the principles that we know. Moral agency is the exercise of agency in making a covenant. Once we covenant, we are bound. Let's say we are given $1000 of agency. Once we covenant, we invest $1000 of it (all of it) to God. Once you've chosen God, all of your other decision have already been decided. We still get to choose, but we decide wether we will keep covenants or not. Also, as missionaries, we have representative agency to act in Christ's name. 
I love y'all! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Gilbert

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