Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hey y'all!! What a GREAT week! (I think I say that every week.)
Quick run-down of some of the miracles I saw and experienced:
  • Last Monday we had a wonderful family home evening with BE and FL and the Templins, a family in our ward. We talked about tithing. The Templin's 9 year old son taught about tithing and it was BEAUTIFUL! It was awesome. I love having members at lessons. It seriously makes the biggest difference.
  • Amazing amazing amazing lesson with ST! We read the Proclamation and talked about Eternal Marriage and covenants. She was so engaged during the lesson and asked a bunch of questions. Near the end of the lesson, ST asked, "Where does it talk about covenants in the Book of Mormon?" OH my goodness, it was like the perfect question! So when we see her this week we will talk about covenants in the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful when investigators ask questions or just straight out tell you what their concerns are, so you can just easily set up a lesson for the next visit.
  • Speaking of investigators just telling you what they want to know, we had another awesome experience. The spanish elders gave us a referral for a guy named MA. So we went and taught him on Tuesday. We taught the Restoration and he asked lots of honest questions about the priesthood and baptism and proper authority. We had a member with us who was able to testify and answer questions alongside us. Then he said, "I know that Christianity is the way to live. So do you. But what happens to all those people who don't know about Jesus Christ or who are raised in a different religion? Is there any hope for them? I don't believe in a mean God, so how does it work out?" Needless to say, it was a perfect "cliff-hanger" to lead into our next lesson - the Plan of Salvation!
  • We had cupcake wars with the relief society! So fun! One of our less-actives came, and we had a great time decorating with her. Also, some wonderful members gave us 2 big bags of fresh produce!! I love the produce blessings!! Oh, it's glorious.
  • Thursday we were able to go to the temple as a zone and then have our zone conference. It was so wonderful to be in the temple and see so many of my missionary friends dressed in white. I love it there! I was able to bring a family name, and it was so special. Then the meeting part was incredible as well! We talked about the Savior and the way that we can have a closer relationship with Him is to face and conquer the challenges in our life. President Taylor asked us, "Do you want a relationship with the Savior enough to go through your own small, personal Gethsemane?" We also talked about planning for the people we are working with. It's amazing how the skills I am developing truly can bless me for the rest of my life. Right now, I'm planning for my investigators and less-actives. Later, I'll plan for my visiting teaching assignments, for my calling, and eventually for my children. That was a pretty cool realization. 
  • After the meeting, our ride texted and said that she was almost there (to the meetinghouse in Richardson which is about 30 miles, and a 45 minute drive from McKinney.) We were on Meandering Way in Richardson, but she was on Meandering Way in McKinney. Oops! So we were kind of stranded. But then we worked it out due to a very kind member who was there picking up some other missionaries as well. Oh the crazy adventures. 
  • Friday was the WEDDING! Yes, yes, BE and FL got married! It was small and simple and beautiful! Bishop Nahoo just married them at the church and there were 12 total people who were there. It was wonderful! I am so grateful that they made that choice. 
  • Saturday we had dinner with the YO family! I am so proud of them. So proud. They are just doing amazing. No big updates on them, but they are just trucking along. Both SU and their 15 year old have brought non-member friends to church, so that's really cool.
  • Sunday we taught BR her first lesson at a member's home. Our lesson with her went SO well! She asked so many questions. And definitely commited to be baptized. We asked her to read 1 Nephi 1-2 before our next visit, and she said, "I'll probably read that tonight then just keep on going!" She was also telling us how warm and happy she felt inside during our lesson. This girl is as good as gold! I can't wait to see how things go with her!
It truly was another wonderful and blessed week in Texas! The weather has still been so rainy, but I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for a "well below average temperatures" summer! :)

I love y'all! I love this church. I love the gospel. In sacrament meeting yesterday, all the speakers were assigned to speak on components of the doctrine of Christ - faith, repentance, baptism, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a beautiful meeting. I am so grateful for the simplicity of the gospel and of our Heavenly Father's great plan of happiness. Sister Weichers and I had the opportunity to teach Relief Society, and we taught about the talk from General Conference, "Is It Still Wonderful to You?" by Bishop Gerald Causse. I can say with my whole heart that this gospel is wonderful to me, and that the Atonement is the cause of that wonder. I truly stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me. 
I know that we are a covenant people as we keep and live our covenants day by day.
Have a blessed day and week, and happy memorial day!
Sister Gretchen Julie Gilbert

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