Monday, April 20, 2015

Hey Y'all 4.20.15

I never know what to put in the subject line.

So we'll just go with that. :)

It's been a good week! We've worked hard and had fun, all the good things. :)

Last Monday we had some really good Family Home Evenings. The McKinney Stake President lives in one of our wards, so we had the opportunity to go to their home and teach the Stake President, his wife, and 10 year old son the Restoration. It was a really nice visit! I sure do love the members! 

Tuesday we had a good time at the Relief Society activity.They had a service auction where everyone brought an item or service. Then they had this fun little survey to award the "points" to bid with. Sister Weichers and I ended up bidding together and winning some adorable little texas blocks. 

Wednesday was crazy. Not only were we super busy, but we found out some crazy news. We were just finishing up at our service activity helping with the GED classes when we got a text from FL. She told us that BE had a heart attack. Luckily, he was at work (at the hospital) when it all happened, so he was able to just immediately go into surgery to get help! Our Bishop and one of his counselors were able to go down to Plano to the hospital and give him a blessing which he gladly received. He ended up having to have 6 bypasses. I think that FL receiving the blessing just a few days before really helped prepare him to be willing to get a blessing. Crazy. But he's doing well now. He's out of the ICU and is walking around. FL said he should be home on Wednesday. He'll be out of work for 6 months for the recovery. He's going to go crazy though not being able to work for that long!! Good news though is that they are still on track for marriage and baptism. I think it upped the ante a little bit. 

Friday we got to work at Trade Days again. It sure does make for some LONG days, but it's nice to just have so many people to talk to. So our dinner on Friday was great! Brother and Sister Clark are both artists, so Brother Clark drew caricatures of Sister Weichers and I! So fun. So if you ever wondered what I looked like in cartoon form, now you know!

Saturday we had a great new member lesson with AB again. She told us that she wants us to come live with her and be her big sisters! It was the sweetest thing. 

Saturday night the winds started a blowing. We were giving some supplies and stuff to the zone leaders and just chatting in a parking lot. The wind came in and the temperature dropped like 10 degrees and it started sprinkling. We knew a storm was coming, so we jumped in the car and drove home. By the time we got home about 7 minutes later it was a torrential storm! We were outside for about 20 seconds, just long enough to run inside and I was SOAKED!!!!! Hahaha. It was so great.

Sister Weichers and I were able to go into Young Women's yesterday and share our experience of deciding to serve a mission and how that is our path to eternal life. I hadn't shared the story and deciding to come on a mission for a long time, and I realized once again how involved the Spirit was in that decision and preparation. I am so grateful for this beautiful gospel. I know that I'll get to live with my family for eternity, and I am SO grateful for that. I know that power comes through living the gospel and from relying on the Atonement. 

I invite y'all to 1) have a beautiful week and 2) share your testimony with someone. I can promise that doing so will strengthen your testimony!

I love each and everyone of you!

Sister Gretchen Gilbert

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