Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another week! 4.13.2015

Hello! It's been another full, crazy, busy week in McKinney, Texas (just the way I like it).

Monday started off with some delicious Thai food. Yum. Nothing beats a good Pad Thai.

Tuesday we finally got back in with an investigator we meet over a month ago. She was really receptive and kind to us, so we shall see how that all goes. We had a picnic dinner with one of our favorite families. Nothing beats a good picnic.

Then Tuesday night I got to go on an exchange with the lovely, Sister Aumua!! It was so much fun to be reunited with my trainer for a day! We were very nostalgic and just shared memories and stories from the good old days in Allen! :) We had a really good lesson with SU and she and her family were able to watch two sessions of conference, which we were really happy about! SU’s mom told us that as she watched she felt really strongly that she needs to read the Book of Mormon. She has questions about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and everything, so it was wonderful to hear that she received revelation to read! Also, good news! SU, her mom and her brother all came to church! Yes! I've loved seeing the change in that family over the past few months! It has been incredible! I love the their family dearly and pray that they will be able to continue and progress.

Wednesday night we got to help with the youth's activity. They were going out and taking surveys to some neighborhoods about family history! We ended up getting 13 referrals from it. I was so proud of the youth for getting out there and getting rejected and accepted. So good. The youth are amazing!

We found out that JE and CI watching all the sessions of conference!!! Boo yeah!!! I love when investigators choose the right and keep commitments!!

Sister Weichers and I had a really good heart-to-heart Friday night. I sure do love that woman!! We are truly enjoying every minute of our transfers together. :) LOVE.

Saturday was awesome! The zone leaders had a baptism and we got to give the presentation of the Restoration while she was changing. I love the message that we share!! it's so wonderful to testify of its truthfulness time and time again. We ended up getting in with 2 less-actives and 1 recent convert who we haven't been able to meet with yet and teach all of them! Oh it was so good. Miracles in McKinney!

We also got to teach sharing time in Primary. The lesson was, "Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ." Again, I love teaching and testifying of the first vision. It's such a wonderful, hopeful message!


So, remember BE? We committed him to baptism a couple of weeks ago?? WELL lo and behold his girlfriend said yes and they're getting married!! Which means that BE can get baptized!!! So we now have a date for him, July 11 - a week after they get married!! I'm so excited for them. #weddingplanning. FL was a little unsettled, but we had some brothers from the ward come give her a blessing. We were able to explain the priesthood more to BE and help him catch a further vision of who he can become! FL told us that during and after the blessing she really just could feel of God's love and comfort. Oh how I love these people!

WELL, have a good week! Remember that the Lord loves you, and that He knows you perfectly!


Sister Gilbert :)

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