Monday, April 6, 2015

Be real, be genuine - 4.6.2015

Hello to all my beautiful people!

It's been another great week here in the TDM, especially up here in Mighty McKinney!

Here's some miracles and cool stories real quick for ya!

Monday we were early to our FHE so we were knocking the doors around their house. We knocked on a door and asked if we could share an Easter video. The lady said they were just sitting down to eat dinner, but to come back in an hour. So we did FHE then went back. We showed her the video and taught her the Restoration! She really liked it! We got a text from her later in the week telling us that she and her husband were no longer interested, but it really was just a great experience to have another tracting success.

After a good district meeting on Tuesday we went with Sister Stensrud to visit ST again. She wasn't doing very well, but we just chatted with her and prayed with her. I love that woman!! Even when she's having such a hard time, ST sure just knows how to make me feel good about herself. LOVE. Anyways, on Wednesday, Sister Weichers and I went back with Sis. Stensrud and cleaned her apartment!! I scrubbed her showers for about 2 hours (don't worry,they weren't that bad, I just am slow and thorough). I had a realization that it's so much easier to clean for someone you love!! It didn't feel like a chore, just another opportunity to express love for her! And then on Saturday between sessions of Conference, Sister Weichers and I "heart attacked" her door with scriptures!! Oh, how we love her.

We moved SU's baptismal date back to May 2, but she committed to come to church every week in April, AND she watched 2 sessions of general conference! SU told us that she's excited to get baptized and just needs to be a little more comfortable at church. I love that girl.

We've spent all week just going around trying to show people the Because He Lives video. Every time that I watch it, my testimony, love, and devotion for the Savior just deepens and grows. How I love Jesus Christ!! I truly know that He lives!

Thursday we had interviews and zone meeting with President Taylor and the Assistants! It was another wonderful meeting! We received a training on "transitions" so like how to have a normal conversation with people then direct the conversation to the gospel. I'm still really awkward at that, but we're practicing and it's getting better. We also received training on being real, being our selves, being genuine. The mission makes us grow. We become refined! We also got a really good training on "Correcting the drift and recalculating with minimums." We talked about how sometimes we've "drifted" away from the person we want to be or thought we were. But, if we use minimums we can recalculate. A minimum is the smallest meaningful unit of behavior that will make a difference  (change or close a gap) in our lives. I LOVED this training so much. It was definitely an answer to prayer.

Friday. We had another lesson with BE. (I think I've told you about it??? Maybe not. Anyways. His girlfriend, FL, is a member and her daughter were baptized last year. Well, BE's been investigating the church for a few years on and off. He's just a little stubborn and loves the Bible. (Nothing wrong with that). So on Friday, we just chatted for a while with them because we're friends, and BE is more receptive if we are ourselves. So we got into the lesson and taught using the pamphlet again. (Best tool ever.) Can I just say that that was the most spirit-led lesson I've ever taught?! We were given so many inspired questions, and BE really did most of the talking, just teaching himself the lesson. We helped him understand the priesthood authority and how it's been restored. And!?!?! Then we popped the question: If you come to know that this is true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding that priesthood authority? And he said yes!!! We don't have a specific date yet, but he said yes. And he agreed to say the prayer at the end of the lesson. It was a very spiritual, specific prayer asking to know if the Book of Mormon is true and thanking Heavenly Father for his many blessings. I love that man. I hope he continues to progress!!

We got to watch conference with JE and CI!! That was a big blessing! I love them. We had a blueberry muffin and orange juice party and had a grand old time.

Also, I fulfilled one of my life goals: Eating at Texas Roadhouse in Texas. Check.

I loved General Conference. I really enjoyed Elder Cook's thoughts about the sunflowers. "The Lord is my light and my salvation." Also, Elder Bednar's thoughts on faith. "Fear is dispelled through correct knowledge of and faith in Jesus Christ.' Also, President Uchtdorf's thoughts on grace. "Grace refines us and helps us become our best self."

Well, I love y'all! Be Good!!

Sister Gretchen Julie Gilbert

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