Monday, December 7, 2015

Plentiful Adventures

A good week!

1) We found out that we've been going to the wrong district for these first two weeks of the transfer! Haha. We got a call from one of our zone leaders. He said, "Sisters, your district leader told us you weren't at district meeting today!" Wait, what? "Yeah, you weren't there." No I'm pretty sure we were there. I played the piano. "No, Elder Chancellor (the district leader of our new district) were the sisters at district meeting? Nope!" Hahaha. Apparently at transfers they swapped our district and didn't bother to tell us. Good times. So we'll start going to the new one this week.

2) we got a big screw in our tire. That took an hour or so at Firestone.

3) we got to help a group from our ward go around and put Christmas lights up for a few families as a service project. That was SO fun and helped me get in the Christmas spirit more. :)

4) ward Christmas party and a progressive dinner with the relief society sisters in the other ward. Everyone was so excited to see us at both events. That made me feel good. :)

5) cool experience during testimony meeting yesterday. I felt really prompted to share my testimony. So I did and spoke about the importance of the family. While I was speaking, I realized that I answered my own question that I had been fasting about that day. I'm grateful that we get to bear testimony. It allows us to strengthen and deepen our own beliefs.

6) I started writing down Christmas memories everyday. That's been fun. It's definitely another good way to get in the Christmas spirit.

7) KR been reading the Book of Mormon on her own! This is HUGE people. I am so happy for her. She will come around someday.

8) we got to go with our relief society president and share the video on with two of her neighbors. So awesome.

9) We got to watch the Christmas devotional with a family. That was wonderful. I loved the spirit of the devotional and of Christmas.

The spirit of Christmas really is the spirit of Christ. How grateful I am to be a missionary this time of year. Love you!

Love, Sister Gilbert


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