Friday, December 18, 2015


Hello! It was a good week.

Some adventures include:

  • District meeting with our new district (still weirded out by the change, but it's all making sense now). 
  • Parking in the skinniest parking stall ever for district lunch and consequently making our zone leader drive the car out because I was too scared to. I wish I had a picture of that one.
  • Going on exchanges with the lovely Sister Swan. She leaves for Australia this week. I am so excited for her!
  • Holding a baby bearded dragon on exchanges
  • Receiving supplies to make gingerbread houses and making them during lunch
  • The Lake Highlands ward party which included a live band, a huge fajita feast, and family feud. So fun. Also, one of my old ward mission leaders was there with his girlfriend. That was really fun to see him again!

Some of the more spiritual things:

  • Meeting an amazing lady named KE on exchanges. She just said she knew we were genuine people and could feel of our love.
  • Going with Sis Farmer from the ward to deliver cookies and a message to her neighbors. Only two actually accepted the invitation to watch the A Savior is Born video, but we had wonderful conversations with both the ladies. This year's video is children from around the world telling the story of Jesus Christ's birth. Both the ladies we shared it with had a passion of working and helping children, so that was nice to be able to talk to them about it. 
  • Trying to contact a referral, but she wasn't there. But we met a lovely woman named NA who was interested in our video. She was really great. 
  • Okay, does everyone remember AM AL her daughter AS? They both got baptized earlier this year. Well, AM's mom, MA has been meeting with the senior sisters for a while. So we went with Sis McCarthy and Sis Putnam to teach her the gospel of Jesus Christ. The lesson was incredible. There were powerful testimonies of God's love for us and of the truthfulness of repentance. At the end, Sister McCarthy asked MA if she would pray to know if the gospel was true. She said she already knew and wanted to set a baptismal date! She decided that before Christmas would be the time to do it. SO WE ARE HAVING A BAPTISM this Saturday, Dec 19. MIRACLES all around. MA is incredible. She has seen how the gospel has blessed her family and is excited to join the church and be a part of our world wide family.
  • Accompanying the little spanish choir at the Casa Linda ward party (the spanish ward the covers our same area) I didn't understand much of the words that were sung, but the familiar tunes rang to my heart. Also, I could feel the Spirit testifying of the truth. The Spirit has no language barriers. It testifies of all truth. 
  • Some thoughts: distance doesn't really mean much. It's more about heart-distance. How close are our hearts to each other? How close are our hearts to God? Relationships are everything, people. 
  • A wonderful day at church. During ward council this morning, Bishop announced that there won't be any meetings until January. They all then looked at me and said, "We will miss you dearly, Sister Gilbert!" These wards have become family. When I got transferred from McKinney, I thought it was going to be impossible to love that much again. But my heart has grown. I love these people.

I love each of you! Thank you for your love and support. "let us go to and labor with our might ... and it came to pass that the servants did go and labor with their mights; and the Lord of the vineyard labored also with them; and they did obey the commandments of the Lord of the vineyard in all things. " Jacob 5: 62, 72

Muah! Have a great week!
Sister Gretchen Gilbert

Christmas lights. Texans don't mess.

The District - S Howell, me, S Cloward, S Stripling, E Thornley, E Phipps (who just left today to go to Ecuador), E Chancellor, E Hanson.

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