Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy reunions - 9.28.2015

Hey hey!

This was a happy, busy week!! Let' see, where to start.... So I got to go up to Plano on an exchange with Sister Weichers! That was just a happy fun day, full of reminiscing and nostalgia! Oh boy, love that girl. But we did some good missionary work! We shared a lesson with recent convert family and their less-active friends from another ward, who we were able to refer the elders to, we shared a message about the power of the Savior's atonement with a struggling family, and left some cookies for a sister who does a lot for the missionaries.

Sisters Conference was Thursday and Friday. Half the sisters came each day. It was just a lovely, faith-filled meeting. It was just a happy day! I got to see Sister Hook from McKinney, all of my past companions who are still on missions and celebrate 15 months with a bunch of the sisters that I came out with. Oh it was lovely. We also had a waffle brunch and got to eat Texas shaped waffles. Here are some highlights from the notes that I took:

--We're of the same flame as God, and our clay is the same DNA as Adam and Eve. We are loved and known to Him.
--God is an orthodontist. He's molding, pulling, shaping, strengthening, and straightening us.
-- Repentance is to change - to change our mind, our knowledge, the way we breathe, to change our hearts. "True repentance makes a brilliant day out of the darkest night" -President Uchtdorf
--If the accuser (Satan) says that we are not good enough, we can say, "Yes, I know that I'm not. But Jesus Christ is more than enough. I have Him to help me through it all."
--A purpose of our mission is to prepare us to go home and raise righteous families
--There is no limit for the good things we can do in our lives.
--"We are going to have 3 new apostles. They are going to help save our children's lives."

Tuesday afternoon, we got a call from a lady named AM. I've seen her at church almost every week, so I just assumed she was a member. But she called and said she had some questions for us. She ended up confiding that she's trying to get back into church after being away for many years. She made us dinner, and we had a lovely discussion about the Restoration of the gospel. She has a really good heart, and she wants  to know what is true. Sister Greenall and I just testified that we know that she can receive an answer as she sincerely searches. It amazes me how much people can go through in their lives. How grateful I am for the eternal perspective of the gospel.

AS told us that she wants to get baptized on October 11! Yay! I love when investigators move up their own dates! So we taught her twice this week. She is such a sweet girl. When we asked AS what knowing about God's plan means for her, she told us she knows she needs to be living the gospel, and more importantly she WANTS to live the gospel. Love that girl.

So a week ago, we got an official looking manilla envelope from the mission office with special instructions to deliver it to one KE. KE had attended the state fair in New Jersey and had met the family history missionaries up there. He filled out information for a family history tree/crest and then the missionaries made it for him. We got to deliver it to KE this week and testify that the gospel blesses families and teach the Restoration. He seemed to like the message and was willing to learn more. I'll keep you updated on him!

Women's conference was amazing Saturday night! I just had the strongest "coming home" feeling, telling me that that was exactly where I needed to be. I am so grateful for our beloved general authorities and leaders! I'm so excited for conference!

I love each of you! This should be a great week!

Sister Gretchen Gilbert

We loving call this a Gilbert sandwich...Sister Gilbert, Sister Greenall, Sister Gilbert with a President Taylor photobomb! Awesome!

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