Sunday, October 4, 2015

9.21.2015 pumpkins, meetings, and such

Hey hey! Another good week to report on today!

So we received a  referral from the elders down in Mesquite. Her name is GH and she has a young son and a newborn baby. We recently had a ward missionary called, Sister Gruwell, who also has a new baby. We just taught the Restoration to her, but it was a good lesson. GH is open to learning more, so we'll run with that.

Wednesday and Thursday we had a specialized leadership training meeting. It was a nice meeting. At the end Wednesday, we decided to set a goal/challenge for ourselves so we could go out and apply the things we had learned. Our zone decided on teaching 5 lessons per companionship from the hours of 4-9. We only had 1 lesson scheduled, dinner. But it was a really good evening. We went out and pounded the pavement, and by a miracle, we taught the 5 lessons and extended 5 invitations. And they didn't even feel rushed or anything of the sort. It was good.

The meeting continued on Thursday. I'll just share some quotes and insights and highlights from that.
-- When we know who the Savior is, we can be confident with who we are.
-- Remember Him
-- By acting on our faith, we can be transformed from the Peter who sinks because he took his eyes off the Savior into the Peter who became the rock of the church.
-- Fear is something that's unworthy of a child of God.
-- The enemy of great is good.
-- Don't be afraid of who we can become. Have faith in the Savior.
-- How much do you believe what you believe?
-- Diligence: being willing to sacrifice comfort in order to bring about the Lord's purposes
-- With the Savior's power and authority in our hearts, we also will be able to overcome the world.
-- Our missionary purpose is our purpose for the rest of our lives.
-- We have spiritual DNA that says we are going to become like God.
--A brief analogy: when we know the end of a movie, it let's us watch the movie without stress. Just like that, we already know the outcome of the world, of our Heavenly Father's plan. We know the final score. We can be still and know that I am God.
-- Obedience is an offering of gratitude and love to the Lord.

I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Skousen. She came out just a few transfers after me, but we have never just sat down and chatted, so it was really nice to get to know her. We taught, found, contacted, all the good things, and just had an enjoyable day together.

Sunday evening there was another mission presidents fireside. We brought AM  (convert as of July) and her two daughters who have been investigating whom we set baptismal dates with last week. AS ended up wanting to move her date sooner! And SA was on the fence, but after the fireside, she decided that she really does want to be baptized!! Awesome. It  was just really nice spending the evening with them. I am so grateful for these chances that we have help our investigators really feel the Spirit of missionary work and of our purpose.

The Arboretum al la pumpkin

The misters turned on, so Sister Greenall and I sat and basked in the sunny mist.

Texas pumpkins

exchanges, exchanges

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