Wednesday, March 18, 2015

There is sunshine in my soul today - 3.16.2015

Oh what a good week it has been! Miracles as always! The sun is shining and the grass is green in good-o Texas.

Thursday we had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Elder Bradley D. Foster of the 70. And OH BOY what a great meeting it was!! I was able to lead the music for the meeting and it was a wonderful privilege to look out on all the singing missionaries. There's just something about a large group of Elders and Sisters singing hymns together. Also, my pen wouldn't write fast enough, but there were some really good concepts that I took from the meeting.

  • We must have faith that the Savior has great faith in us. 
  • You don't have to be perfect to be a good missionary.
  • "I have been selected as a personal representative of the Savior Jesus Christ. My commission is to do what He wants done." 
  • Sometimes we have to look back to our ancestors in order to move forward. Family History is past, present, and future. 
  • Keep the end in mind. Who do I want to be by the end of my mission. How will my last prayer as a missionary be? 
  • Self esteem comes from doing esteem-able things every day. 
  • Prayer is an act of faith, love, and agency. Praying authorizes the Lord to bless us. Action before answers.
  • And last but not least, The Lord knows me, Sister Gretchen Julie Gilbert.

Then on Saturday we worked at the Family History Booth at Trade Days again (like a flea market/swap meet). I was taught a great lesson: the Lord is the one who softens hearts. I can try as hard as I want/am able, but the Spirit is the great convincer. When the people are ready, they will be ready. We had several people just open right up to us about family history and express their interest.

Here's a neat miracle we had this morning! There's a family who lives in our apartment complex that we haven't been able to meet yet. This morning we were walking down to the mail box for Sister Weichers to mail some letters, and we saw a lady walking down the stairs. I saw her and knew that it was JE, from the family we've been trying to meet. Sister Weichers told me afterward that she knew it was her too. So we were able to talk to her and introduce ourselves and get a return appointment! We'll be seeing her on Wednesday evening.

Also, last night we were just doing some stop-bys, and we were finally able to get in with a family. They told us that they were recently traveling in San Francisco. They went to the visitors center at the Oakland temple and had a really good experience with the missionaries there. Then they were out walking in downtown San Fran and met another pair of missionaries. They had a good conversation with them as well. We were really glad to hear that they had been having such positive experiences with missionaries lately. We continue to pray that their hearts will be softened and opened. We had a really good discussion with them about Jesus Christ and got a return appointment with them for tonight!!

The work is going well. I also feel like I have grown and progressed more in this transfer than the rest of my mission put together. I've learned a lot about trust, prayer, and relying fully on the Lord. It feels like God's will this transfer was to strengthen and build Sister Gilbert. Even though it hurt at times, I am very grateful for that.

Sister Weichers and I are blessed enough to stay together another transfer in good-o McKinney, Texas. I love it here. I have officially adopted Texas as my second home. Deep in the heart of Texas, Sister Gilbert fell in love with the big skies and awesome sunsets and just the whole deal.

But even more than I love Texas, I love Jesus Christ. Oh how dearly I love Him. I know that He lives. I'd be willing to die for Him, but more importantly, I'm willing to live for Him and dedicate my life to his service!!

I also love all of y'all too. :)

Much love,
Sister Gilbert

ps we got a car. no longer living the bike life.

pics: the most delicious pie ever. unfortunately it wasn't eaten on pi day.... but i'll still include it. It was called Cloud 9. It had a layer of sea salt carmel, then butterscotch custard with a brown sugar meringue. Yum.

happy pi day. ;)

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