Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3.9.2015 Snow in Texas!

Hello Folks! 

It's been a good week! We had a district and zone meeting this week, which were both wonderful! At Zone Meeting, we talked all about having confidence and being MIGHTY. The Elder who trained on confidence said that confidence comes from charity. When you think of Christ and His life, He was always confident and that came from his charity. Wonderful message.

Then we talked about becoming MIGHTY missionaries. Just powerful, enthusiastic missionaries. I've decided to focus on being mighty in my faith. To do so, I'm going to not limit God and his power by striving to talk to everyone. This has been something that's been hard for me on my mission, but I have a new resolve to do so. To accomplish this, I'm going to have more mighty prayers to have the confidence and trust to do so. Oh such good meetings. I feel like they turned my mission around. Not that I was a bad missionary, but I had gotten to a point of comfortableness, so I'm stepping it up and keeping it up to be a mighty missionary until the end. 

Good news!! We finally were able to meet again with SU (a 9 year old from a part member family who hasn't been baptized yet). We taught her the first lesson, the Restoration using the cups (like you build a pyramid and have it represent the church). She loved it and so did her dad. We brought a sister from the ward and her 9 year old daughter as well. Sister M was able to bear a really powerful testimony about the Atonement. We were all definitely feeling the Spirit. Then, we extended a baptismal invitation to SU and she accepted!! Her date is April 11 as of now. She and her parents will just have to keep appointments and make it to church, and she'll be on track! The cherry on top of the lesson was at the end when we asked her to pray. She did such a good job and expressed thanks that she is able to CHOOSE to get baptized. It's wonderful hearing those words come out of anyone's mouth, yet alone a 9 year olds. 

Wednesday I was a sick dog. High fever and stuff.

But Thursday the heavens opened and it snowed! Like fluffy Utah snow. So beautiful.

Friday we got a new investigator named ST. She is a referral from a member of a ward that we don't cover. She has MS but has great faith in God. We gave her a book of mormon and she was so excited! She has already started reading it. She told us that she is so proud of us for our missions and that she could just tell that we were angels sent from God. Then she prayed and oh it was just beautiful. She's very intune with the Spirit. Also, she made me feel really good about myself, so that was nice. After zone meeting, we were able to contact 3 other referrals and then 3 more after dinner. Never have I had so many referrals! Like all the referrals I've received this transfer is more than the rest of my mission put together. So that's been really neat! We finished Fridayup with a good lesson with JE and CI. We talked briefly about the why of obedience, but mostly focused on God's love. Our thoughts came mostly from "Living the Gospel Joyful" and "Forget Me Not" both by President Uchtdorf. So good. 

Saturday I got to help tutor a kid in the ward with some algebra! Loved it! We also got ice cream with the E family, so that was highlight of my life. 

Oh, I love this gospel so much! It has changed me! And I've seen it change others as well. 

I love y'all! I also love Texas!

Sister Gilbert

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