Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It was another full week here in Texas. Monday we went to the zoo with Sister Taylor, the mission presidents wife. It was the most enjoyable thing. We rode this semi sketchy train called the dart. It's kind of like the trax, but more sketchy. Hahaha. It was funny. A random lady came up and bit the peach of one of the sisters. Bahahaha. There were four of us sitting laughing starting then dying of laughter. That's when the peach was partaken of. 

Then whilst at the zoo,we saw some giraffes and people were feeding them. So we ran over and were petting them. Then a kind worker gave us all pieces of romaine lettuce and we were able to feed them!!!!!!! It was sooo cool. Hahahaa. Seriously. THEN sister Taylor said, "what if you feed it using your mouth?" Then she did it!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh. She put it in her mouth and fed the giraffe. It licked her face. It was seriously the greatest thing.

As a district, we have been holding a little competition this week. In pmg it says to ask for referrals from everyone. So we did that. You get a point every time you ask someone for a referral and two points everytime they give you one! The losing companionship has to buy the winners a drink from sonic. It is seriously hilarious to ask for referrals as people are slamming their doors on you. 

Our lesson with B* this week was interesting. We were teaching the plan of salvation and there were some doctrines she just couldn't accept because they weren't in the bible. So that was a struggle. It really hit home that the Book of Mormon really is the keystone of our religion. 

We were able to attend institute on Tuesday with our investigator J* this week. The teacher also said, "you can only truly be happy when you are doing something for others." I thought that was amazing. It's only when we turn away from ourselves, from the natural man and turn towards others and turn to Jesus Christ. 

We are putting together a musical missionary stake fireside!! I am so excited. It will be held on August 17. There will be singing scriptures and testimonies about how we can become one in Christ. I am so excited. I get to accompany a couple of the songs. Yay for devotionals. 

On Saturday our investigator J*'s cousin got baptized. The service was held in Portuguese so that was a wonderful opportunity for J to feel the spirit. We spoke to him after the service, and he said he has never felt the spirit that strongly before and that it brought him to tears. Please pray for J as he prepares for his baptism on August 9. He needs love and support. He's an amazing young man though, and I'm excited to see what the future has in store. 

Haha. On Saturday we were meeting with an older couple in our ward. We talked to them and ate dinner with them. Then the sweet sister said, "wait, I have a present for you." She came back with these neon green red flashing light safety straps for us to wear on our bikes. They are seriously hilarious but it was the nicest thing of her to give them to us.

There is a less active sister in our ward who is losing her job this week or sometime soon and is being faced with a lot of uncertainty and stress and she tries to find a new job while juggling dishonest owners at her current job while still being able to provide for her two children. She called us on Saturday and we went over to comfort and talk with her. My heart just broke right in half seeing her weep and worry for her children. I gave her a hug and just sat and cried with her. It's so sad to see people struggle so much. we are praying that she will be able to find a job that will allow her to attend church on Sundays and also be able to provide for her kids. 

Frozen grapes. Enough said. They are the only thing saving my life this week. TEXAS IS HOT. BLEH. Hahaha. It's all good. 

At a dinner appointment last night with the Lemmon family, they made us this delicious treat called pop-eye ice cream. It was like spinach and chia seeds and agave and all this stuff. It was yummy yummy. Also, Sister Lemmon is super into doterra. I was talking to her a little bit about it. She ran out of the room and came back with two bottles of wild orange fragrance. It was so nice. We are spoiled. 

Tracking yesterday, we had this funny experience.
Knock knock
"Hi, we're..."

It made me laugh. We didn't even say anything. Hahahahahahaha.

Here's a cool analogy that the young women's president in our ward gave. 
Think about the queen of England at a state dinner. It is the most comfortable, easy social event there is. 
Then think about her children. They also are very comfortable at state dinners.
Then Kate. Middleton. The state dinners are a little more stressful for her. She plans her outfits carefully and has to think through the dinners about staying calm and cool. 
Then imagine me going to this state dinner. I would be honored to be there, but I would be very stressed about my clothes, my manners, which fork to use, etc etc.
The difference between all these individuals is the amount of practice they have had.

Similarly, ordinances and covenants are basically practices for us to be comfortable at the state dinner, or in other words, to be comfortable at God's throne, in His kingdom. 

I really liked that. 

Sorry it's short today. The computers at our apartment are down, so a kind member let us come use their computers. But I'm on an iPad so this is interesting. 

I love you so much.

Sister Gretchen Gilbert


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