Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh what a weeks it's been this week - 12.1.2014

First and Foremost, I love being a missionary!
Second and secondmost, I don't like being sick.
Third and thirdmost, it's been a pretty good week.

Monday, we were able to teach JO again. He's progressing along very well, and we will have a baptism for him in January. Kinda far away, but it will work. We are so excited to continue working with him, and also just helping his family progress more in the gospel. For thanksgiving, his grandparents gave him and his two brother each a brand new quad. Pretty good gift if you ask me!

Tuesday: Way good day! We had a zone meeting! Sister Parkinson and I got to do a training! We talked about Being Problem Solvers Not Problem Finders. It was wonderful. We also had a TON of pecans and apples, so we solved our problem and made pecan pie and apple pie for our zone. It was fun. I love the Spirit that we are able to feel at meetings and to be able to strengthen and uplift each other. After a delicious lunch with the Elders, we set off to Big Sandy with BRI and BRE (two young women in the ward) to try to find some less-actives/new investigators down there. We were trying to find a less-active at an apartment complex, but it turns out he had moved. So we decided to divide and conquer and to knock the doors at this complex. So I went with BRE and we had a grand old time. We were actually able to get into a door! It was so amazing. The girl, NA, answered the door and we just started talking about the Savior and how he is the wonderful gift that our Heavenly Father has given to us. We asked if we could go in and share more of our message. She told us to hold on. So we stood on her porch for a good 10 minutes. We were about to leave, but she opened up the door and invited us in. Turns out that she was house sitting and wanted to make sure that it was okay if we came in. We talked about God's plan for us, and how He has set a way to ensure that we will make it back to live with him. She told us that just the day before she had been talking to her friend about dying. Her friend was scared to die. NA said that she isn't scared to die, just scared of where she will go. We told her that if we follow God's direction for us that we will be able to make it back to live with Him. She said that it was so reassuring to hear there and she thought it was crazy that she had just been talking about it the week before. It was just wonderful and BRE was able to add a very powerful testimony as well. What a good time. Later that day, we had 30 minutes that we didn't know what to do with. So we went up to town to knock on some doors. We ended up running into one of our potential investigators and being able to set up a return appointment with them! So awesome. Tuesday was a truly wonderful day.

Wednesday: Kind of a weird day. We stopped by a lady in the ward's house to visit her. Pretty sure she had her thermostat set to like 97 degrees. I was hot by the time we left there! When we got home from that, there was a big red cooler sitting on our front porch! It was potatoes from Sister Parkinson's family! So awesome. :) We were also able to invite one of our less-actives to start doing missionary work and inviting his friends/family members to listen to a message from us! We are really proud of him!

Thursday: Yay, Thanksgiving! We went over to the bishops family in the morning so Sister Parkinson could make some delicious Idaho mashed potatoes! They were so good. Then off to 2 dinner appointments...... I was one STUFFED missionary. But we had a really good time. It was wonderful to be with the them and then with another family later in the evening and to be able to feel of their love for us. I am one blessed Sister!

Friday: We had a way awesome lesson with JA. We're working really hard on having interactive lessons with him to keep him attentive and participating in the lessons. So we turned the gospel of Jesus Christ into a board game! It was pretty fun. We also had a good meeting with MA where we wrote Letters to Jesus Christ. It was a really spiritual experience for me, actually.

Saturday: I had a way bad ear ache, so we called the mission nurse and doctor to figure out what I needed to do. We ended up going to Longview to get it checked out at an Urgent Care. Turns out, I had/have an ear infection. When the doctor was looking at my ear, he said, "that's an angry ear!" no really. It was funny. But whatever, we got it worked out. After all those adventures, we went back to the bishops house for a little bonfire get together. Their son in law served his mission in Utah, and a family that he taught came out here to visit him. Their daughter, RI, is going on a mission in January, so we were able to talk to her and answer some questions for her.

Well it's been a good week folks. I'm so grateful for the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Where would we be without his amazing week? I am so thankful for all that I have, and that I have the fulness of the gospel in my life.

I love y'all!
Have a lovely week!
Sister Gilbert

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