Monday, December 29, 2014

12.29.2014 - Oh tidings of comfort and joy

Hello hello! What a beautiful, beautiful week it was.

JO our little investigator, is getting baptized on January 3. He passed his baptismal interview and everything. I sure do love that little guy. He is a wonderful example to his family. His younger brother, SE, turns 8 in February. Hopefully we can help him get ready to be baptized as well.

Tuesday: funny story. We had a dinner appointment with an elderly lady in the ward. So we called her Monday night to remind her, and she was so grateful that we did. So then on Tuesday we went over to see her, and she kindly invited us in and we chatted with her for a while. We just kept waiting and waiting for dinner..... but then she asked us if we could share a message with her. So we read a scripture, discussed it, and then she shooed us out the door. Yep, that's right. She had totally forgotten about it. I mean, we aren't ever hungry. Ever. But it was still the most hilarious thing. Oh boy. We were also able to spend some good time with some less-actives and make Brazilian candies with them.

Christmas Eve was nice! We got to eat dinner with a whole bunch of our favorite people and play some games. The members here in Gilmer have been soooo good to us. We've definitely felt spoiled and loved a whole bunch. There has definitely been an outpouring of LOVE.

Christmas was good! We had a zone meeting, then chatting with our fam fams on Facetime, and another dinner. Oh, I just love the people here in Gilmer. They sure do make it easier to be away from home. But definitely the highlight of the day and month and basically season was talking to my beautiful family. Oh I love them.

Friday we texted one of our investigators, MI, to see how she was. She texted back and told us that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and that she has come to know that it is true! She said she was reading some verses that her friend had marked, and it just "clicked" and she knew it was all true. So awesome! We also talked to JA about going to do baptisms for the dead. We are going to help him get a family name ready to go for their youth temple trip in February. I'm excited for him!
Sunday night was good also. We saw RI, had a great dinner, and saw two less-actives. He is coming along okay, it will definitely be baby steps with him, but I'm willing to take them.

Also, we went to Longview today. I stepped foot in a target for the first time in MONTHS. Ha.

I'm reading the Book of Mormon again. We're trying to do it in 40 days as a mission. I'm highlighting every time that it has a reference to Jesus Christ in it. It is amazing to see how every page and even every column has reference to Christ. How grateful I am for that. Another cool thing is that as I'm more actively reading, I'm gaining more understanding. Like, I was reading the Isaiah chapters this morning, and they made much more sense! yay.

oh how grateful I am for the Savior and for everything he's done for me. I love Jesus Christ, and I hope that through my actions that I can follow him more fully.

Have a wonderful week. I love y'all!
Sister Gilbert

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