Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11.10.2014 - Many mighty miracles

Hello, hello! What a blessed week this has been! So much has been going on, and I don't even know where to begin (mostly because I forgot my planner that reminds me what has happened....but I will do my best!).

Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting. It was uplifting and wonderful. We talked about what motivates us on our missions to be obedient and to work hard. I feel like obedience brings so many blessings. Less stress, a good focus, and success. I also love the Lord and the people that I'm serving and I know that as I'm obedient, I am able to serve my best and  just be the best missionary I can be. An Elder said, "Imagine what the Savior would do, and do it." I loved that. We also talked about coming unto the Savior and learning of him. In Matthew 11:28-30, the Savior invites us to become one with Him. As we recognize our true identity, that we are children of God and he love us, we willl remember our potential and be able to work towards it. We must keep this vision of who we are. Charity never fails as we invite others to come unto Christ. I KNOW that as I love more and love better, I will be able to help people feel love the love of Christ.

Wednesday : the longest day of my life. Almost. We had Sister's Conference in Dallas (wahoo!) It was seriously so fun! We left at 6:30 am, drove all morning (practically) and got there a little late. But it was so uplifting and motivating to just be together with the Sisters in the mission. (I have attached a picture form it). WE talked about how happiness comes from knowing, loving, and understanding the Savior of the world. President Taylor also taught us about the connection between grace and weakness. Grace is the divine means of help through the Atonement. In Ether 12:27 it talks about weakness. As we come unto Christ, he will show us our weaknesses. This sounds kinda weird, huh? But, he shows us our weakness so that we can humble ourselves and rely on Him. When we are weak, we can be made strong through Christ. I now know what weakness if for. President said that we feel like our weaknesses are truly manifest on our missions, but it is because we are coming closer to Christ and learning more of Him and how we can change to become more like him. A sister invited us to make a list of what makes us happy on our missions and I will share part of that list:

  • gorgeous Texas skies
  • southern drawl
  • learning about the culture
  • getting to spend lots of time with a good friend (companion)
  • learning more about Christ and His gospel
  • growing my testimony
  • meeting new people
  • getting to consecrate 1.5 years to the Lord
  • feeling my heart being able to love more and more people
  • leaving the world behind
  • wearing my name tag
  • seeing all the MIRACLES and TENDER MERCIES on a daily basis

That seriously is just a fraction of my happy list, but I am SO BLESSED.

President also asked us, "Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Do you believe that He believes in you?"

Let Go and Let God.

Okay, that's all from Sister's conference. It was just so amazing I can't even handle it.

Friday was the funeral for sweet Sister DA. Despite her being so young and still having a young family, that was definitely a peaceful, hopeful, and positive funeral. Her family members and friends just shared funny and hopeful stories about her. We were all laughing during the funeral. I have so much love the people here, and even though I never got to personally know Sandy, I love her family dearly and I'm so grateful for the positive outlook at the funeral.

Saturday: JA got baptized!! :) My heart was so full it was going to burst right on open. After some challenges trying to get the program finalized and the printed copy created Friday night and on Saturday morning, we were finally able to breathe and relax and have a wonderful baptism. JA's sweet mother gave the opening prayer and my heart just filled up with joy. I'm serious. It was so special to have JA and his family all gathered around. It was a simple baptism, but it was amazing!

Sunday: JA got confirmed a member of the Church. There were so many blessings and promises given to him, and I could just envision him standing in the temple down the road. Oh my heart was just bursting. We had another investigator at church because her husband was speaking, so that was awesome!

I've truly fallen in love with my mission here in Gilmer. :) I am so blessed.

Also, I stepped in an ant hill. That was pretty adventurous.

I love you so much!
Sister Gilbert

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