Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10/13/2014 Whenever I was ...

Hello hello hello to my favorite people.

Last week was crazy busy and just crazy. But wonderful. I'll sum it up with a day by day log of miracles and funnies.

Monday Miracles: we finished laundry, email, shopping in 3 hours. We were able to find a ride to Dallas and traveled safely there. On our exchange with the Sister Training Leaders, we were able to contact a whole bunch of people! It's amazing the difference a neighborhood rather than sporadic houses can make in your contacting. Then we got to have a "sleepover" ish thing at the STL's apartment with the sisters who are serving in Tyler. Great time.

Tuesday Miracles: We woke up before the crack of dawn, got 6 sisters ready and made it to the meetinghouse on the other side of town by7:45 to have our mission wide meeting. We got to watch Meet the Mormons with the whole mission. Can I just say that it is so amazing? We had a lovely meeting too. We started off with a pancake breakfast, hilarious lip synch by our mission president and the assistants, a great training, followed by the movie. I don't know about you, but I definitely got emotional watching the moving. The part when they are dropping their missionary son off at the airport was a little too close to home. You could tell the chapel full of missionaries was crying and stuff. Too soon. Hahaha. But then we finished up the meeting by singing "We Thank Thee O God For a Prophet," "Called to Serve," and "Army of Helaman." It was powerful. There were also some missionaries who sang "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul." It was powerful. We finished up the meeting by the missionaries who served in Allen for the musical devotional singing "Come Unto Christ." Basically it was just amazing. Also, I got to see a bunch of my missionary friends which was super fun.Then a member picked us up and drove us all the way. I am so GRATEFUL for these wonderful members. Then we had a ward talent show! I played Be Still My Soul. It was a great time. There were 2 non members there so that was great.

Wednesday Miracles: We had a wonderful lesson about the Spirit with a less active. We weren't sure where to go with the lesson, but the Spirit definitely guided the lesson and testified of itself. Also, at a dinner appointment, someone asked us about a deep gospel topic that we didn't know very much about. Thankfully she was calm and understood that we didn't know the answer.

Wednesday funnies: Our district leader made nasty brownies for a training at zone meeting. You know, the kind with like garlic and lots of salt and soy sauce and stuff. The faces were hilarious. It's so different to be in a zone without any other sisters, but it is okay. Also, on our way home from our zone meeting up in Mt. Pleasant we drove past a hilarious fence. Basically it's a breast cancer awareness fence that has a bunch of bras hung up on it. (is this inappropriate? I hope not. haha)

Thursday Miracles: We got to go to lunch at a member's house with a couple less actives. Good food and good company. There is a member in the ward that we have been trying to see for a long time. Her husband is a member of another faith and she's been sick since May. Last time the sisters tried to go over there, her husband just shooed them away. But we went over there, we were graciously invited in and we were able to have a wonderful discussion with them. Then at another lesson we were talking about lots of concerns with a less-active who is trying so hard to get back to church. The thought came to my mind to share a story about A Man With No Eloquence, the guy whose testimony converted Brigham Young. Right as I was about to start talking, Sister C shared the story. I know that it was the Spirit directing me as what to say. I'm so grateful for that.

Thursday Funnies: we were doing our planning and were talking to the zone leaders on the phone about a problem we were having. We were all sort of getting frustrated with each other. One of the elders was just like beating himself up over something that they had done and we were kinda getting annoyed. So Sister C said, "Elder, don't talk bad about your house! If you do, we will egg yourself. Wait?" it was so funny and definitely diffused the tension. But the elders were still going off about it, so we took the liberty of cutting out a bunch of paper eggs and did egg their house. it was pretty funny.

Friday Miracle: We went to visit with another less active family. When we went in, their grandson who is 13 was sitting in the family room with us. He told us that he wants to get baptized! So we just have some coordinating to do, and he will start taking the lessons! We've truly been searching for people to teach, so that was a huge blessing!

Saturday Miracle: We have a lesson every week with one of our recent converts, DA. We meet at his son's house and just have a nice discussion. The miracle of this though is that his granddaughter was there. She's about my age and has not been active. She sat in on the lesson about the priesthood and patriarchal blessings and participated. That was great!

Sunday Miracle: I got to introduce myself to the ward! MA came to church! Holy cow that was a big big miracle. She sat by us in sunday school and relief society. Such a blessing to have her then. Then she asked me about math and if I'd be willing to tutor her. I said I'd gladly help her out. I'm really hoping to establish a good relationship with her and help invite her to come unto Christ.

We're in the business of changing hearts, people! Sometimes your heart tells you things that your mind doesn't know.

Exciting news: my little investigator from Allen is getting baptized. TR! So that's really exciting. I don't think I will be able to get to go to the baptism though. :( It kind of breaks my heart, but I'm just so excited for Trenton.

Well, I love y'all.
Have a good one.

Sister Gilbert

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