Thursday, October 30, 2014

10.27.2014 A lovely week in Gilmer

Well, it's been another week of miracles in the good old Gilmer.

Monday Miracle: we were able to go shopping and spend time with a less active in the ward. We went to this little second hand store called Elite Repeat. It's like Plato's Closet. Well, a member worked there who has a daughter on a mission! So she bought Sister Christopherson and I scarves. That was really cool! Also, the less active bought me an elephant scarf! I'm feeling mighty spoiled.

Tuesday Miracle: We did service for a LONG time helping a pregnant ward member unpack her new house and deep clean the new house. There was a lot of work to do. I scrubbed blinds for EVER. But then Tuesday night we found a less active and had a great chat with her! She has a busy life as a single mom with 5 kids, but she was really sweet. Then we finished the night up with a great meeting with Br and Ra. We had a great discussion about how God is our loving Heavenly Father. Then we all wrote down things we are grateful for. I even suggested that they make a grateful picture. To write down all the things they are grateful for with a picture of their family in the middle. :)

Wednesday Miracle: Wednesdays are always really busy. But we went to visit Da (a less active). She has a five week old baby and her mother who has been staying with her since the baby was born just left. So needless to say, Da was pretty stressed and had a lot on her plate. We did her dishes, vacuumed, and cleaned up. She didn't say much, but we know that it meant a lot to her. Also, we had an appointment with Sister Du and brought her visiting teacher, Sister Di to come with us. Turns out, visiting teaching is inspired! They were a perfect fit and were really able to support and lift each other up.

Thursday Miracle: we went down to Big Sandy to contact a referral the elders had gotten from The Yamboree. We got over there and there were 5 mailboxes in a row, and 5 houses, but we couldn't tell which belonged to which. so we knocked on a door, turns out that house is abandoned. Next house: nice lady who didn't know the family we were looking for. BUT she was interested in the church! and we have an appointment with her later this week! So we kept knocking doors, and we found the referral! Sweet newly-weds who are interested in learning more. The husband is from Utah actually. So we have an appointment this week. After this point, we were hungry and tired, but we decided to knock doors for a while, because we aren't in that area very often. So, we knock on the next house, and no on is home, so we go back to the walk to go to the next house. But then we see the people sitting in their back yard. Sister Christopherson called out to them and said, "can we come talk to you?" We went on back, talked about their lives and Texas and stuff and then the husband asked, "so what do you believe?" we were able to give the first lesson. It was amazing and they asked a bunch of questions. They are interested in learning more!! So that's pretty cool.

Friday to Saturday just consisted of lots of inspired stop by's with less actives! The Lord is preparing his people! He's waiting and helping people return back to the fold. How blessed I feel to be able to participate in this great work.

Do you remember Ja who I talked about a while ago? He's the grandson of some less-actives we are working with. Any way, he asked us if he could be baptized before Sister Christopherson goes home! So we are going to work really really hard with him to see if we can get him prepared by Nov. 8. If not, it will still be okay and he will get baptized soon, but that is definitely something we could use prayers for!

Alma 36 is a pretty amazing chapter all about the atonement and change. As we put our Trust in God, we will be supported and lifted up at the last day. We must trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not to our own understandings. Christ will deliver us from sin and heartache. Alma 36:20 says, "and oh, what joy and what marvelous light I did behold." Come unto Christ.

President Uchtdorf says, "Those who set aside the bottle of bitterness and lift instead the goblet of gratitude can find a purifying drink of healing, peace, and understanding." I invite you to lift the goblet of gratitude this week.

I love you all so much! Have a blessed week!

Love, Sister Gilbert

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