Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8.18.2014 - What a week!

Hi Family,
I don't really know where to start, so I'm just going to go. :)
After emailing y'all last week, we went shopping and then the elders brought over 1/4 of a HUGE 36" pizza! The thing was seriously massive. So we feasted. Haha. After that, the sisters all decided to go ice skating! Yay! Except, I didn't ice skate, because we all know what happened to my knee that last time I went ice skating. I want to be able to work, so I gotta keep my knees happy! But I got to sit around and chat with Sister Parkinson. That is always a good time.

Tuesday, we had lunch with some older members at their retirement home. That was hilarious! We had these steaks (ew) and just were with the most lively people at that retirement home. It was enjoyable. Always a good time. THEN, Sister Hawkins, one of our ward missionaries showed up at our apartment with a HUGE bag of goodies! I put a picture of it on drop box! It was so nice! I think the thing that meant the most was that she was thinking about us and wanted us to feel happy. So that was super fun. Also, a goose pecked my foot while we were contacting. I screamed and scooted away on my bike right in the middle of a conversation with this lady. It was so funny. But weird. I mean, who gets pecked by a goose?
Wednesday, we were having FRUITLESS tracting. Like nothing was happening. And it was HOT. And we were TIRED. So we sat down on the sidewalk underneath a tree and just sat for a while. We made some videos on our phone. I'm quite the rapper these days. (NOT. I just pretend.) It was hilarious. I should probably stop saying it was hilarious because I've said it like 10000 times in this email already it feels like. We also met with some members, the Fulton family. I think Sister Fulton added you on FB, Mom? Maybe. Anyway, they are a cute family. It's always wonderful to be in members homes and feel of their amazing spirits. Also, it turns out that their kids all want to go to UTAH STATE as well. So that's pretty swell!
Speaking of Utah State, could you maybe send me a game day t-shirt? One for Sister Aumua as well? I would love that. :)
Thursday we contacted a referral from the Fulton's. R*M* and K*M*. When the Fulton's son Jeff left on his mission, they went to his farewell which happened to be the same day that Sister Aumua and I spoke in our ward. They remembered us and were happy to let us into their house. R* is from England and K* is from South Carolina. K*'s handicapped brother D* lives with them as well. D* LOVES the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Like LOVES them. Also, every time they drive past our building, he yells, "It's the Normans!" Then they gently correct him and remind him to call us the Latter-day Saints. So funny. They were sweet. We'll be going back in a couple weeks once K*'s dad is in town and will hopefully be able to talk to them about family history work.
Friday, I don't even remember what happened. Oh, I had turkey burger sliders for dinner with members! So delicious.
Saturday we went on exchanges (splits) with the Sister Training Leaders! I got to go down to Dallas! That was really fun. The work is progressing FAST down there. It was enjoyable to be able to actually teach several lessons. I was with Sister Morley. She goes home tomorrow so that is crazy. She's the one in the pictures who is not my normal companion. She's a really amazing missionary. Also, there was a HUGE HUGE HUGE rainstorm. It was just dumping. But luckily, we were in a car, so it was a lot of fun. It was insane. It dropped from 103 degrees to 73 degrees in less than an hour! Wow.
SUNDAY WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK. Church was good and stuff. But the true highlight was our Musical Missionary Devotional last night. The spirit was seriously so strong and so special. The missionaries sang Come Unto Christ (the youth theme song for the year), members bore testimonies and shared scripture and members also sang songs. Be Still My Soul; Come Thou Fount; Oh Lord, My Redeemer (look this one up, it is beautiful). President and Sister Taylor were able to come and speak as well. It was seriously just a special evening. Oh, and Sister Aumua and I along with two girls from the stake, Carlee and Rachel sang the closing song. It was I Know That My Redeemer Lives/I Feel My Savior's Love. You can maybe find the mash-up on youtube. But it was really nice. Let me tell you, I was scared out of my brains to sing in front of all the people, but it went well! Also, we had a really good turn out! Almost 300 people came! It was awesome. Our investigator, Heather and her son Trey were able to come also! I think they felt a really good spirit and it was a wonderful opportunity for them to reconnect with ward members.
THEN last night was crazy. So Sunday morning, Sister Aumua woke up and she had  HUGE blister/bug bite/something on her ankle. Like it was full of fluilds. Like almost the size of the top of my pinky. It was huge and gross. So we were talking to some people at church, like doctors and moms and stuff, and they said that it looked infected and they needed to do something about it. They also told Sister Aumua that she needed to look out for like red lines coming out from the bites. So after church, we went over to the White's. Sister White lanced it and stuff. It was gross. But it filled back up almost immediately. So they lanced it again and just put a bandaid on it. When we got home at 9:30 from the devotional, we did our nightly planning and were starting to get ready for bed. So at 10:20 Sister Aumua was changing and stuff. So she looks at her side, and there is a huge bug bite and rash on her hip and a red line leading up toward her armpit. So we freak out because it was that red line that they told us was really serious. So we called Sister White (after the hours that we are supposed to call people haha) and had her come look at it. She was worried, so we got permission from Sister Taylor and headed up to the Urgent Care clinic at 11 pm. They checked it out and she has cellulitis (a skin infection). So they prescribed a pretty serious anti-biotic and told her she has to take it easy for a couple days. So this will be an interesting few days. But after that, we needed to go get her prescription. So at 11:45 we headed to McKinney to go to the 24 hour Walgreens pharmacy. So don't worry. We went to Walgreens at midnight! Woo! Sister White was super sweet, so she bought us a bunch of treats and stuff because we'll probably be in our apartment a lot. Good times.
Oh, transfers were on Saturday. Sister Aumua and I are both staying.
Look up Alma 5:26 and Alma 26:13. Wonderful things.
I love y'all SO MUCH! I'm praying for you!
Sister Gilbert

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