Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 2, 2014

I know I wrote you an email earlier today, but I wanted to answer some more of your questions and tell you more about what’s happening. An hour goes so fast. I loved the “Dear Elder” letters where you all wrote to me. I miss you all.

Tyler: Go Aggies! My companion Sister Parkinson, is also an Aggie! She was at Utah State. She is also going to Texas. Good work on your swim check! That is so awesome. Dad wrote me a letter telling me a little bit more about it. I know it sounds crazy, but your story of exercising faith and just trying has helped me a lot. You are a great example to me. I love you.

Andrew: Tyson, my brother. At the MTC, I’ve been doing lots of learning about Jesus Christ and how to teach people about the Book of Mormon and how to pray. When I first got the MTC, I put my bags in my room and went straight to class. No messing around. Good work on the bike and I will look for souveniors for you. There is so much food here. My favorite has been a sweet pork salad, the cream of wheat, and bagel turkey sandwich. There is lots of junk food, so you have to be smart. There are 4 sisters in my room. Sister Parkinson, Sister Olsen, and Sister Stewart. We have a lot of good times. They are in my zone. It’s nice to be able to laugh and relax at the end of the day. I’ve seen Erik Lund. It’s weird/fun to see him and call him Elder Lund. At the MTC, my favorite thing to do is to … I don’t know. I love it here. There is an amazing spirit and community of missionaries. I do really enjoy walking up to the temple with my district. That’s pretty fun. I will root for USA. Is the world Cup even still happening? I’m totally in a bubble here.

Dad: thank you for your kind words and letters. So uplifting. You are really good at making object lessons. You should write a book! I was able to play piano on Thursday at a branch meeting, Sunday for prelude, Sacrament (3 hymns) and accompanying the special musical number. This coming Sunday I am playing the special musical number, “Come Follow Me.” We get to start off every class period with a hymn. I love the power of music.

Alli: You are the cutest! Thank you so much for your letters. They cheered me up so blessed to have you as a seester. I’m so excited for Heather! She will be amazing. Good luck with guard. Remember that a cheery smile will help you and everyone else as well. I’m really proud of you hanging out with the peeps. It’s good to get to know people. Seriously, I’ve loved getting to know my district. It’s amazing how familiar with people you can get in just 7 days. Blows my mind that these Elders and Sisters were strangers until just last week. I love them and I’m so blessed to know them. We really have become family. Not as good as y’all, but still. Oh, my companion informed me I say, “for sure” all the time. Have you noticed that? So there’s that.

Mom: I really don’t have that many good shoes at home … maybe I’ll let you know later on. Stories from ancestors would be amazing. Oh, maybe a church special arrangement piano book? I’m not sure. Maybe ask Sister Dean for ideas. I don’t want anything too hard, ya know! Oh, duh … Dad could help with that too. The cookies were delicious and my district loved them. Also, Happy Birthday! Love you lots! Elder Penrod says thanks for the cookies, Laurel and happy birthday and that he loves you. So yeah. I would love a copy of the Ensign.

I don’t even know what to say. There’s too much to tell. Much love!


Sister Gilbert

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